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İnsani Gelişme Vakfı

İnsani Gelişme Vakfı


INGEV Foundation is established in efforts to contribute human development in Turkey. INGEV’s objectives, in cooperation with relevant state institutions, local authorities, multi-national cooperation, universities and private sector; are to become a reference guide and primary source with regards to human development in our country; to present guiding opinions and suggestions to political decision-makers through researches and reports; and to support human development along with innovative implementation projects. INGEV, in all its endeavors, functions in a transparent, accountable and participatory sense; with a nonpartisan attitude and in order to fulfill the needs of human development in Turkey, INGEV acts with a social responsibility that aims to improve mutual agreement with related parties. INGEV will support this understanding of social responsibility with a professional administration and work perspective; and will aim to contribute in removing the gap between economic growth and human development. We at İNGEV; We support human development in our country for all people to live a happy life. The Betterment of Distribution of Income and The Elimination of Poverty are our top priorities. We do submit analyses and make suggestions that will assist decision makers of social policy. We value developing projects where we also take responsibility during its implementation. We work without discriminating between language, faith, ethnicity, gender, political opinion or any other factor. We believe in cooperation and solidarity, common sense and production, growing stronger and setting example together with our partners.

  • Bölge: İstanbul - Asya
  • Uzmanlık: Nonprofit Organization Management
  • Web sitesi: http://www.ingev.org