Job Description:

We are hiring for many different positions(Home-based ).

We are looking for :

Cold Callers
Data entry
Data analysis
Facebook Technician
Video Editors
Content and document creation
Personal assisting
Web Developers
Software Developers
Software Admins
Graphic Designers


Five-days test, please go on and solve the evaluation available in the following link:
http://bit.ly/2gwzNv7 . You have to finish as much as you can as fast as you can, and with the highest quality, you can produce.

Although the evaluation may not be directly relevant to the work you will do or your job description; it is designed to
Introduce you to industry
Identify your research ability and to work independently.
Ability to follow the instructions.
Creativity .
Fast learning.
Knowing your passion for being on the top of work.
How good English that you have.
Based on your performance we will decide if we want to work with you or not and how much your salary will be.
You MUST have a reliable internet connection.
You MUST have a reliable and fast computer.
You MUST be able to actively learn new material to expand your job description in the future.
You MUST be able to communicate through call, text, email, and video chat.
You MUST be absolutely on time to the decided schedule.
You MUST be efficient in your work and have excellent communication throughout your workday.
You MUST be willing to take constructive criticism and be adaptive to changes in the job description or environment.
You MUST be able to work in a team.
You MUST be able to attempt to answer all questions you have through research before directly asking us.
You will be required to learn new material through videos in English, and we will test your ability to apply what you learn. The subject is Social Media Marketing for businesses.

If you show improvement in your learning about social media marketing, your job description could expand as well as your salary.

Pay is $150 per month, if you can prove to be more valuable than a standard overseas employee, the salary can be increased.

If you believe you can fit these requirements, we will schedule a call to discuss further
So we would want you to work 40 hours a week at least


254 chalet ave, San Jose , CA

AKConsulting Company

Marketing Consultant in San Jose

We are a startup social media marketing agency based in California, and we are looking for energetic, enthusiastic, and motivated people to join our team!

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